Citroën Berlingo (5 or 7 seats)


The intelligent new Citroën Berlingo (5 or 7 seats)

New Citroën Berlingo features easy accessibility for passengers thanks to its two wide and highly functional sliding side doors.

New Berlingo has a broad tailgate that opens on to a large boot with a load volume of 775 lit. The tailgate also has a dark-tinted rear window with a two height position luggage cover that is extremely useful when loading and unloading.

Three individual seats in row 2 offer remarkable leg space for back-seat passengers. The seats fold down to provide a flat floor. Combined with a folding front passenger seat, they provide a perfectly flat floor and a floor load length of 2.70 m.

The engines deliver high-end performance while respecting the environment with engines such as the new BlueHDi 1.5 Diesel and the PureTech 1.2 petrol.


  • Vehicle dimensions (including side mirrors) = 4.4m long x 2.11m wide
  • Boot size (under luggage cover) = 0.60m high x 0.96m deep x 1.20m wide
  • Covered luggage capacity = 775 VDA litres


5 SEATER- GRIP Technology

The Berlingo GRIP vehicle is required for winter driving. It has mud & snow tyres, plus a specially patented Grip Control system.
As long as you activate the appropriate dial (controlled by the driver) and travel at less than 80kms per hour you will receive the benefit of the Grip Control system, managing all 4-wheels together with the steering wheel angle and brakes. This gives you improved grip and traction in snowy conditions. Note: you should also carry and use chains when the weather or country/local laws require.
Mud & Snow tyres are not winter tyres, so you MUST activate the Grip function and use snow chains to be legal and safe.


  • Seats 7, but has minimal luggage room
  • Covered luggage capacity = 209 VDA litres
  • Vehicle dimensions (including side mirrors) = 4.75m long x 2.11m wide

Both vehicles feature touch-screen GPS, 2 USB ports and AUX plug. No CD player.

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Recommended luggage* 4 large + 4 medium
* Suitcase dimensions (cm)
Large 69x55x24
Medium 63x51x22
Small 54x40x21