Prices & Special Offers

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6 FREE DAYS ON DIESEL OR 10 FREE DAYS ON PETROL & HYBRID (France Collections) PLUS FREE collection/return fees for all depots!

3 FREE DAYS ON PETROL & HYBRID (Europe Collections) PLUS FREE collection/return fees for all depots!

**Collections from 1st January to 31 December 2020                                                                                                                               

**Repeat Citroen customers since 2017 will receive a FREE TANK OF FUEL     

(Book by 31st March 2020 and no need to pay the balance until 6 weeks prior to your departure)                                                                                                             

Remember, if you are not familiar with the Citroën or DS range of vehicles, pop into one of our dealerships around the country to be sure you choose the vehicle that best meets your passenger and luggage needs.

Note: not all Citroen/DS vehicles are available to view in Australia.

Important Notes

- Bookings are available to Australian residents or passport holders only.
- All vehicles are left-hand drive, even those collected from London.
- Your vehicle will only be supplied with 10-15 litres of fuel, unless you have requested and paid for a full tank of fuel (this will be at a higher price that what you will pay at the pump), so you must make a fuel station your first stop. Ensure the collection location gives advice as to where the nearest fuel station is. If you are collecting off a flight late at night we highly recommend you pre-purchase your first tank of fuel.
- All vehicles are fitted with standard tyres only. If you plan to drive during the winter months (Nov-Mar/Apr) please click here for the rules in each country. If winter tyres and/or snow chains are required, it is your responsibility to obtain these (at your cost) and return the vehicle with its original tyres.
- We recommend you book as early as possible, particularly if you want an automatic vehicle as these will often start selling out from January.