Benefits of leasing

Citroën Euro Pass features a number of benefits compared to a rental car.

Before you go.

- All paperwork is done in Australia without the pressure and time restraints you have when queuing at a rental car desk off a long flight.
- If you need further clarification through the booking process simply contact Citroën EuroPass Australia and we will explain in clear English.
- You will receive comprehensive documentation before you leave Australia with collection/return location instructions, a driving tips booklet and more.

In Europe.

- You don’t have to wait in long queues to collect or return your vehicle.
- You receive a brand new left-hand drive Citroën or DS vehicle.
- You’ve chosen the exact model that your passengers and luggage fit into, rather than an “or similar” group with varying levels of comfort and luggage capacity.
- No “free upgrade” on arrival – you don’t want higher fuel costs or a car that is too big/difficult to park.
- Your Citroën or DS vehicle includes an anti-theft device (it cannot be started without the key).
- Drivers can be as young as 18 years and there is no “young driver” surcharge.
- There is no maximum age limit.
- Your comprehensive insurance policy also includes punctures, "wrong fuel" and glass repair/replacement!
- There is no insurance excess (this is usually over $1000 with a rental car).
- There are no additional driver fees (conditions apply – refer Booking Conditions).
- There are no additional location service fees to pay on collection.
- You can drive your Citroën or DS vehicle through many more countries than rental car companies allow (eg. Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia and more).
- Additional "personal accident" insurance benefits are included.
- No hefty fuel surcharges when you forget to return your car full of fuel (you should return it empty).

Back home.

- No arguments or inconvenience when you return home to find additional insurances or optional extras charged to your credit card – our locations will never ask for your credit card details.